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Savannah-Inspired Guest Bedroom Makeover

I took a trip to Savannah, Georgia and fell in love with the place. So when I returned home, I decided to make-over the guest bedroom with a little old world charm, a Savannah-inspired theme.

I turned to the National Trust Historic Paint index to pick out a color. I was looking for something in blue; bold, but not overly bold. Something a little more subdued than royal blue, but bolder than the grayish-green-blue we used in the master suite.

Valspar 4008-4A, Jekyll Club Pulitzer Blue

Valspar 4008-4A, Jekyll Club Pulitzer Blue

I ended up picking out a color called Jekyll Club Pulitzer Blue, a color used in one of the rooms at the historic Georgia resort on Jekyll Island (which I just happened to have visited on my Savannah trip!).

When I think of beautiful old houses, I always picture wainscoting (a decor trend that started in the 18th century, where the lower portion of the wall is covered with decorative paneling). To create this look without the cost and labor of actual paneling, I added a chair rail and painted the lower portion of the wall using the trim color in a satin finish.


Faux Wainscoting sm























For furniture, I decided to mix and match a few different fun pieces. The iron-frame bed I had purchased previously and a random antique store in the middle of nowhere was a perfect fit.





Funny story about the bed frame… I brought it home and gave it a little TLC (scrubbed the rust and applied a matte finish to seal it). I knew the old frame was a little narrower than a queen size bed, so we made some wooden slats to lay across the frame which would hold the queen size boxed springs in place just on top of the metal frame. I put it all together with the metal bed rails that came with it and was ready to lay the mattress down and make the bed. But something wasn’t quite right. The mattress didn’t fit! The bed was about 6 inches too short! What?! That possibility never even entered my head. I don’t know when they started standardizing mattress/bed sizes, but apparently not until after this bed was made. The fix was pretty easy, though. I just brought it to a welder/metalworker who cut the bed rails and added some length to them for a pretty low cost.

I outfitted the bed with bright white sheets which I happened upon while staying at a Bed & Breakfast in Jacksonville, Florida. Their sheets were sooooo soft and they had a little sign in the room telling you where they were from (Comphy Company). I was afraid they’d be terribly expensive, but decided to at least check it out. To my surprise, they were actually very reasonably priced. So I ordered a set, and let me tell you, they are like buttah! Every guest who has slept on them has commented or asked where I got them. I put a light tan duvet with embroidered white bees on it. A few accent pillows, including one bright orange velvet one for a contrasting pop of color.

Guest Bed


On either side of the bed are mismatched nightstands. One is a whitewashed, chest-style table, and the other is an antique game table, with an agate chess table top. It’s always nice to have a lamp next to the bed for reading and so guests don’t have to stumble back to the bed in a dark, unfamiliar room.

Whitewashed Nightstand

Whitewashed Nightstand

Chess Table Nightstand

Chess Table Nightstand








I’ve always enjoyed antiquing (at least in my adult life), so I also already had an antique empire dresser I thought was a good fit for the room. Above it I hung a mirror with hooks (great for storing guests’ keys) and a trough, which I like to use to hold little goodies for guests.

Empire Dresser

Empire Dresser



Safavieh Lyndhurst Collection LNH224A Area Rug, 6-Feet by 9-Feet, Beige

The flooring is a whitewashed boathouse pine laminate, so I wanted to add a rug to make it a little more “homey” and inviting. I picked out a Persian-style rug with a weathered look. 6×9 feet is just the right size to place it under the lower two-thirds of the bed if laid perpendicularly.



Rug right side

Rug left side








At the foot of the bed, I put a fun antique cedar chest that was re-finished in a periwinkle blue, which I adore. And it was nice that it was already refinished, as opposed to my usual finds. No work required! And to one of the footboard rails of the bed, I tied a little sun hat that had been mine as a little girl. I wove a yellow and tan floral scarf through the base of the hat, just above the brim to use for tying.

Cedar Chest

For wall decor, I framed a few of the photos I had taken in Savannah. One, probably my favorite, is a bright blue door with ornate awning that we passed by on the street walking from sight-seeing to our vacation rental.

Bloor Door Photo Framed

The second is a house on Monterey Square, the same square of the Mercer-Williams house (from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil). I love the rusted ornately framed windows.

Rusty Windows Photo Framed

And the third photo is an arched doorway in an old alley with a painted green deck and mossy bricks.

Savannah photo framed

As a last touch, in the corner as you enter the room is an old wooden ice cream parlor chair. I always envision guests using it to hold a purse or small travel bag as they settle in to their new, temporary home.

Ice Cream Parlor Chair

So I reckon that’s it. My “Savannah Room.” Have a look around and make yourself at home!

Guest BR from right side

Guest BR from left side

Guest BR from hallway



Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

Ever since I had a baby about a year ago, I’ve been feeling VERY disorganized! I am a person who makes lots of lists and does lots of planning. But for the last year, time management has become a much harder endeavor. My “to do” list is just in my head, getting longer and longer, which usually means I forget to do some of those things when I needed to do them. Like, “get the oil changed in my car,” or, “schedule an appointment with the doctor.”

I needed some inspiration to get back on top of things. So I decided to make myself a “fancy” little fabric-covered organization board to help keep track of everything. My “Inspiration Board,” which will inspire me to get things done… right?

I wanted to hang it in the kitchen, next to my grocery-list chalkboard, which meant it would have to be a long, narrow board in order to fit. So I went to Hobby Lobby with my dimensions and picked out a suitable frame and some cork squares.


I already had the fabric I wanted to use: a Belgian linen sheet I had purchased from Restoration Hardware a few years ago that had since gotten a hole in it. Not suitable to use as a sheet anymore, but it gives me lots of gorgeous fabric to use for other crafts (I also made a bonnet for my one-year old out of it!).

After removing the glass, backing, and matting that came with the frame, I cut the cork to fit the back board and glued it down.


Next, I cut the fabric so that I would have 1-2 inches of overlap around the back of the board.  I decided I didn’t necessarily want the fabric to look super smooth and tight, so I simply stretched the fabric around the board and stapled it along the sides.


If you wanted it to be smoother and tighter, I would recommend using some fabric (or other) glue on the cork board side, smoothing the fabric down, and then stapling it around the back side. I decided I liked the “shabby” look of the Belgian linen being a little loose.














Almost done! Now I just had to pop the board back into the frame.

06 07






















I should have started with what inspired me to do this in the first place. It was an order I got from someone wanting “weekly planner cards.” So I came up with a 5×7″ note card, with a weekly schedule format on one side, and a space for notes on the other side. I love bicycles in print designs, so I added one to this. And I just love this quote I randomly stumbled upon: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein. Perfect for a weekly planner!

Note Cards Front Back2 Note Cards Notes-1

I hung my new Inspiration Board up in the kitchen and started pinning reminders to it. I used a couple of the bicycle weekly planner cards on my board, too. And I found some super cute bicycle shaped paper clips, while I was at Hobby Lobby, and couldn’t resist.














Well, that was fun! Sigh. I guess I better start checking some of these things off now…