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DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Chunky Necklace

I fell in love with this necklace from Anthropologie.Anthro Necklace sm

So I decided to make my own version. I modified the design somewhat, but it still has the same overall feel. I decided to add a brooch to the center and use fabric covered beads instead of a ribbon. This is what I came up with.DIY Statement Necklace

It really wasn’t too difficult. A little time consuming, due to all the bead work (I probably spent a total of 4 hours working on it), but anyone with a little time and patience can do it. Here’s how.

Supplies (I use mostly vintage supplies when I make jewelry, but you could use new and still get the same effect):

  • Headpins
  • Jump rings (2 plain and 2 large decorative)
  • Different sizes and styles of beads (I used pearls, glass, and faceted crystal)
  • Different sizes and styles of bead caps
  • 5″ to 6″ length of heavy chain for attaching beads, split into two equally sized pieces (this gets mostly covered up, so don’t worry if it’s not that pretty)
  • Brooch and felt for backing (optional)
  • Jewelry/bead glue (optional)
  • Two 2″x10″ strips of chiffon (or other lightweight) fabric
  • Large inexpensive beads (these will be covered by the chiffon; I used 20mm faux pearls from the craft store)
  • Thread

Supplies sm


  • Needle nose pliers
  • Barrel nose pliers
  • Wire cutter
  • Sewing machine (there’s not much sewing involved, so you could also sew by hand)


I started with my brooch (if you’re not using a brooch, you can skip this step and move on to the beading). I found a fun vintage brooch while antiquing in Savannah, GA, and decided to use it for this. It originally had a faux turquoise cabochon in the center, which I was not crazy about, so I popped it out and replaced it with a vintage crystal aurora borealis cabochon instead. I wanted to keep the pin of the brooch intact, so I decided to cover the back with a piece of felt to prevent the pin from accidentally popping out during wear. I traced the outline of the brooch onto my piece of felt, cut it out, and attached it to the brooch. This brooch has tiny loops all around the edges, so I decided to use thread to attach the felt, sewing in and out of the loops all the way around. You could also use glue in lieu of sewing it, if preferred.

JewelyDiagram1Next, I attached my two chain sections to either side of the brooch, using a plain jump ring at the points of attachment.

Now to attach the beads. Take one of your beads, insert a head pin, and curl the pin around using your barrel nose pliers to make a small loop. Attach the loop to the chain. Then you can either trim the extra length of the pin, pinching the loop closed with a needle nose pliers, or wrap the pin around itself a few times at the base of the loop (most secure) and snip what is left over.









One by one, start attaching the beads to the chain until it is as full as you want it. Don’t forget to add your bead caps to some of the beads before inserting the head pin.BeadBroochNecklaceClose

The hardest part is over! Now take your strips of chiffon and fold them in half lengthwise. Sew along the long edge to make a tube. Turn it right-side out, so that the seam is on the inside. Place a drop of glue on one end of the chiffon tube. Then take one of the large decorative jump rings and tie the end of the chiffon tube into a tight knot around the ring (the glue will help keep it secure). Now drop in one of your large inexpensive beads, tie a knot, and repeat. Stop when you have about 3 inches of tube left. Do the same with the other strip of chiffon. Then fold the ends of each tube inside about 1/4″ and sew shut. Now simply attach to the beaded part of the necklace, hooking the large decorative jump ring through the end of the heavy chain. And voila! You are finished! Just tie at the back and it is ready to wear.BeadBroochNecklaceBack




Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

Ever since I had a baby about a year ago, I’ve been feeling VERY disorganized! I am a person who makes lots of lists and does lots of planning. But for the last year, time management has become a much harder endeavor. My “to do” list is just in my head, getting longer and longer, which usually means I forget to do some of those things when I needed to do them. Like, “get the oil changed in my car,” or, “schedule an appointment with the doctor.”

I needed some inspiration to get back on top of things. So I decided to make myself a “fancy” little fabric-covered organization board to help keep track of everything. My “Inspiration Board,” which will inspire me to get things done… right?

I wanted to hang it in the kitchen, next to my grocery-list chalkboard, which meant it would have to be a long, narrow board in order to fit. So I went to Hobby Lobby with my dimensions and picked out a suitable frame and some cork squares.


I already had the fabric I wanted to use: a Belgian linen sheet I had purchased from Restoration Hardware a few years ago that had since gotten a hole in it. Not suitable to use as a sheet anymore, but it gives me lots of gorgeous fabric to use for other crafts (I also made a bonnet for my one-year old out of it!).

After removing the glass, backing, and matting that came with the frame, I cut the cork to fit the back board and glued it down.


Next, I cut the fabric so that I would have 1-2 inches of overlap around the back of the board.  I decided I didn’t necessarily want the fabric to look super smooth and tight, so I simply stretched the fabric around the board and stapled it along the sides.


If you wanted it to be smoother and tighter, I would recommend using some fabric (or other) glue on the cork board side, smoothing the fabric down, and then stapling it around the back side. I decided I liked the “shabby” look of the Belgian linen being a little loose.














Almost done! Now I just had to pop the board back into the frame.

06 07






















I should have started with what inspired me to do this in the first place. It was an order I got from someone wanting “weekly planner cards.” So I came up with a 5×7″ note card, with a weekly schedule format on one side, and a space for notes on the other side. I love bicycles in print designs, so I added one to this. And I just love this quote I randomly stumbled upon: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein. Perfect for a weekly planner!

Note Cards Front Back2 Note Cards Notes-1

I hung my new Inspiration Board up in the kitchen and started pinning reminders to it. I used a couple of the bicycle weekly planner cards on my board, too. And I found some super cute bicycle shaped paper clips, while I was at Hobby Lobby, and couldn’t resist.














Well, that was fun! Sigh. I guess I better start checking some of these things off now…