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Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

Ever since I had a baby about a year ago, I’ve been feeling VERY disorganized! I am a person who makes lots of lists and does lots of planning. But for the last year, time management has become a much harder endeavor. My “to do” list is just in my head, getting longer and longer, which usually means I forget to do some of those things when I needed to do them. Like, “get the oil changed in my car,” or, “schedule an appointment with the doctor.”

I needed some inspiration to get back on top of things. So I decided to make myself a “fancy” little fabric-covered organization board to help keep track of everything. My “Inspiration Board,” which will inspire me to get things done… right?

I wanted to hang it in the kitchen, next to my grocery-list chalkboard, which meant it would have to be a long, narrow board in order to fit. So I went to Hobby Lobby with my dimensions and picked out a suitable frame and some cork squares.


I already had the fabric I wanted to use: a Belgian linen sheet I had purchased from Restoration Hardware a few years ago that had since gotten a hole in it. Not suitable to use as a sheet anymore, but it gives me lots of gorgeous fabric to use for other crafts (I also made a bonnet for my one-year old out of it!).

After removing the glass, backing, and matting that came with the frame, I cut the cork to fit the back board and glued it down.


Next, I cut the fabric so that I would have 1-2 inches of overlap around the back of the board.  I decided I didn’t necessarily want the fabric to look super smooth and tight, so I simply stretched the fabric around the board and stapled it along the sides.


If you wanted it to be smoother and tighter, I would recommend using some fabric (or other) glue on the cork board side, smoothing the fabric down, and then stapling it around the back side. I decided I liked the “shabby” look of the Belgian linen being a little loose.














Almost done! Now I just had to pop the board back into the frame.

06 07






















I should have started with what inspired me to do this in the first place. It was an order I got from someone wanting “weekly planner cards.” So I came up with a 5×7″ note card, with a weekly schedule format on one side, and a space for notes on the other side. I love bicycles in print designs, so I added one to this. And I just love this quote I randomly stumbled upon: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein. Perfect for a weekly planner!

Note Cards Front Back2 Note Cards Notes-1

I hung my new Inspiration Board up in the kitchen and started pinning reminders to it. I used a couple of the bicycle weekly planner cards on my board, too. And I found some super cute bicycle shaped paper clips, while I was at Hobby Lobby, and couldn’t resist.














Well, that was fun! Sigh. I guess I better start checking some of these things off now…